58 Pet Photography Business Name Ideas & How to Create Them

Pet Photography Business Name Ideas & How to Create Them

When you start your new pet photography business it’s important for you to get the right name for you and your business. Doing that can be a daunting task. However, there are lots of ideas and methods that you can use that can help you to come to the right choice.

Getting the right business name for your new pet or animal photography business can be difficult. Here is a step by step guide with 58 ideas included on how to pick your new name and mix up ideas for a unique pet photography business name.  Rather than just give you names ideas I have included a guide of how to create them for yourself so that you can have something truly unique.

How you view your business and where you want to take it can all make a difference to how you name it.  By using the ideas and methods below you should find a great name for your new photography business. Even if you don’t find your name straight away you’ll have the techniques you could use when the time is right.

58 Pet Photography Business Name Ideas & How to Create Them

Before You Try and Find A Name Think About Your Business First

When you’re trying to decide on a name for your new photography business before you do think about the following:

  • Who your clients are.
  • The image you want your business to portray.
  • The type of photography you do.
  • Where you want your business to go in the future.

For example, do you cater for exclusive clientele? Or do you want to be the more down to earth friendly type of business? Are you exclusively catering to dog owners? Or are you catering for more general pet ownership?

All this can make a difference to your final business name choice.

Do not stress over your business name too much. Start by having a draft example and spend more time on your business plan and making sure that you are ready for your business to start.

You may find that as you’re working towards this your name pops into your mind anyway.

Below I’ve included some examples using different methods to create a business name.

Maybe not the most original method, but one of the most traditional and popular methods is the first method.

Disclaimer: I have made these up as examples. Please check if you intend to use something for your business that someone else hasn’t got it or used it from this list.

  1. Should be clear.
  2. Easy to remember.
  3. Catchy.
  4. Reference to what your business is. This helps with online searching and customer understanding.

Don’t Overlook The Easiest Way – Use Your Name

The easiest and most popular is to simply add your name plus simply photography or type of photography. Perhaps not the most exciting unless you’ve got an unusual name, but easy for people to remember and easy for you to brand. Also, if you’re using your name it’s harder to infringe on someone else’s business name.  

For anyone like me, who thinks this first option is fairly plain, it may surprise you that many of the top photographers use this method or a variation of it to name their photography business.

I searched a good deal of photography business names for the top photographers in the world, the top US photographers, the top UK photographers, etc, and the majority of them used one of the four methods of naming used just below this paragraph. Except for one which I thought was brilliant which is in a different section below.

Your name + Photography.

Your Name + Pet or animal type + Photography or Similar

Your Initials+Photography/Studio etc  

First name + Initials+ Photography

Examples of Names for Business Photography Using Your Name:   

  • Joe Blogs Dog Photography Studio.
  • Sara James Horse Photography.
  • Edwina Smithe’s Elegant Equine Photography.
  • Samuels’ Pet Portrait.
  • JB Jones Pet Photographer.
  • JRJ Photos.
  • Violet B Studios.
  • Saras’ Photography.

Advantages of using this method

  • It’s easy to create.
  • Its tried and tested.
  • It’s well-known.
  • It’s understood.
  • It’s traditional.
  • Easy to Remember.


  • It’s not a unique method.
  • Although it comes up with unique ideas because of your name it’s not as interesting or fun as some other methods.
  • You might not like your name.

Or Use An Animals Name In Your Business Name

Note: Be wary of using animals as your type of name as you are limiting your photos.

These are the most popular pets in the USA and UK Canada and Australia.

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Saltwater Fish
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Rabbits
  • Other small mammals

Examples of photography business names using animals:

  • Boo Boos Bunny Pics.
  • Rover Me Over Photography.
  • Mini Max Dog Studios.
  • Bellas Pet Photography.
  • Pumpkin Pics.
  • Dudes Studios Pics.

Advantages of using this method:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • There are a lot of choices.


  • It may be too personal.
  • Your pet might pass away and it’d be too painful to use the name.
  • People might not relate to it.
  • Some pets are named after famous people or celebrities make sure you are careful not to take their name as it may be an infringement of their rights. Please check before using.

Decide what your business portrays is it fun, sophisticated, elegant or down-to-earth. Who do you serve? What demographic are you aiming for? If you are photographing fine horse events of wealthy children’s ponies you may not want to call it Popping Ponies Pics.

Use Elegant Names to Add a Bit O’ Class

Double barrel your name or use the posher sounding alternatives. For example instead of horse use equine. Do Not use shortened words.

Your First Name + Your Last Name + (hyphen) Your Last Name (or your mums maiden name)

  • Jayne Smyth-Jones Equine Photography.
  • James Edward-Kindts Cherished Pet Photography.
  • EJ James-Simmons Photography.

Change the animal for the more fancy version Horse=

Equine+ Photography

Use a fancy Pet Name+Photography business indicator

  • Equine Photography Studios
  • Posh Pets Portraits
  • Ambrosia Portraits
  • Valentines Portraiture
  • Marmadukes Canine Studios

Fun Photography Business Names

Make your name memorable by making it fun.

  • Pouches Pics.
  • Nuzzle the Muzzle Photos.
  • Kitty Cat.
  • Pic My Pouch
  • Strut My Mutt Studios.
  • Light & Shadow Portrait Pics.

Why Not Use a Made up Name?

For Example Reddit, Google eBay etc are all made up names. This one thefurrtographer.com I thought was a brilliant play on words. Taken sadly by a top photographer.

  • Equine Photos= Equipots.
  • RosiCat Photography.
  • Catography .
  • Cat O Nine Pics.
  • OraFish Studios.
  • FurPics.
  • Pink Beans Photography.
  • SimZak Photography.
  • NuzzyMutt + Photography.
  • FuzzyPaws + Photography.
  • BiscBark Pet Portraiture.
  • LiPort Photos.
  • RoxPic.
  • ThorPic.
  • PetaPix.
  • CaniRuff.


  • Long-term it’s more unique.
  • Great for Branding.
  • Fun.


  • It’s much harder to find an unusual name especially when you’re looking to make a website.
  • When you pick your business if you make a made up name it’s harder for people to remember initially and may be harder to brand.

Add Your Location

If you want to add your location to your business title you can. A lot of people do. However, if you do decide to move your business then you can’t really take the name with you.

  • David Doncasters Photography Surrey.
  • Davina Dawsons Pet Photography Utah.
  • NuzzyMutt Pics Fife.
  • Saras Dog Portraits Sydney.
  • Little Cats Pics Sleepy Pines.


  • It’s clear who you are what you do and where you are from.
  • Helps search engines find you.


  • When you choose your URL it may not be a good idea to put in your place name. You may move.

Use Emotion In Your Business Name

Emotion is a good thing to have in your name if chosen well as it adds depth, feeling and character.

  • BarkMadPhotos .
  • Happy PetPic.
  • SoulfulEyesStudios.
  • FizzyMitts Photos.
  • SturdyDog Portraits.
  • PetPassionPics.
  • LittleSocksCatCorner .
  • MachoMutMobileStudio (probably a bit long).
  • Cross My Paws (from crossing fingers for luck or hope).
  • Super Equines.
  • PowerPetPics.


  • Emotion is more likely to get you noticed.


  • Different people view emotion differently. It may not evoke the same meaning for them as for you.

Why Remove the Word Animal or Pet From Your Name?

Always have in mind where you want your business to go in the future. Make sure that you leave room for flexibility. Being too specific can tie you down. You may not want to have the word pet or animal in your business title tool. In the future, you may decide that you want to take pictures of other things. Although it’s a good idea to specialize as this shows expertise in one specific area tie yourself down in this way leaves you no room for flexibility. This is where the above-mentioned photographer’s names help. If you’re in doubt leave it out.

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