How to Market your Freelance Photography Business in 6 Easy Ways

marketing your photography businessIf you want to be known as a photographer and are branding rather than just submitting our work to stock libraries it is essential that you know how to market your freelance photography business online if you want to be found.

There are literally millions of sites online on this subject alone so it is vital that you use methods that let people find you so you can show off your work and become known.

There are several different methods and platforms for you to do this online.  These include things like your website and social media

Even learning a few basics can put you streets ahead when it comes to getting seen online.

6 Proven Techniques on How to Market your Freelance Photography Business That Won’t Break The Bank

Use Social Media to Build a Fan Base

Which social media platform you decide to use is up to you.  There are lots to choose from these days.  It is a good idea to only start with one or two rather than spread yourself too thinly.  I recommend starting with a Facebook page as it is both popular and FREE. You can choose to build your list of people by free methods or pay to advertise your page which is very reasonable.

Next, your second choice could be between Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, etc

Email, Email, Email!

Most people have heard the phrase location, location, location with regard to property ownership.  Well, online its email. Ideally, if you can get people to sign up to your email list so that you can send them information, offers, and updates.  This way you have people there all the time interested in what you and your work. You can use your website itself, your Facebook account or any other network you belong to, to collect emails of people who are interested in your work.  Keep in touch regularly and send them offers and new works and information.

Use SEO To Increase Free Traffic to Your Website

SEO keyword marketingSEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the method you use to allow the search engines to target your pages and posts so that visitors can find you.  They use keywords to decide what to show. All a keyword is is a main word or phrase that people are likely to search for.  These days it is much easier to use SEO than previously as the search engines are much smarter than in recent years.

When thinking about keywords you need to think about several things. To start with think about your Branding goals and your niche, in this case, Freelance photography.

You may want to Brand your name so use that if you do. Initially, this will not be the main keyword found as it is unlikely that until people know you they will search for this.

They are more likely to search for keyword phrases like freelance photography, or freelance photographer. This is far too generic though and there are 600,000 pages with this specific keyword phrase.  Narrow it down to be more specific on the page/post you are writing.  Perhaps you are writing a post about the fact that you are a nature photographer.  So the most logical choice would be “Freelance Nature Photographer”.  This exact phrase only has just over 5,500 pages on Google. Target your phrase to whatever subject you are writing about.

It is always a good idea to do some SEO on your site although it only needs to be really basic if you are using other marketing methods.

Use YouTube to Expand Your Audience

YouTube is a fantastic way to show off your work.  It is fairly easy to create a video slide show of your photos and create a YouTube channel. When people subscribe they will become familiar with you and your work and may opt to follow you elsewhere.

Join Like Minded Business Groups or Forums Online

Join Local Networking Groups

While you may only want to sell your photographs online it is a good idea to join your local networking groups.  These can be a great source of like-minded people who want to share information and ideas.  It may lead to clients or shares of information.  This depends on what is available to use locally.  While you may not want to work offline sometimes these groups have a site where you can display your work or details.  This allows you to link to your site, gives you another source of prospective clients and a possibility that they offer the chance to email people.

This does depend on what is available to use locally though and not all areas will have them.  While you may not want to work offline sometimes these groups have a site where you can display your work or details.  This allows you to link to your website or product page It also gives you another chance to email people.

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